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As part of our unwavering dedication to product innovation, we are proud to deliver exclusive technologies offered by Polyset®.


ColorWise™ Temperature Warning Nozzles

ColorWise LogoPatent-pending ColorWise™ Temperature Warning Nozzles change from clear to blue, indicating that the chemical has reached cold temperatures below 60°F (16°C) and the foam should not be dispensed. Stop spraying to avoid off-ratio foam and yield-loss, and properly condition the chemical before spraying again.





The Handi-Gun® offers convenient, cleanable, solvent resistant, ColorWise™ Nozzles and a responsive trigger for accurate metering.

Handi-Gun® dispensing unit features:

  • Convenient nozzle attachments with a snap-on, snap-off connection. The ColorWise™ cone nozzle allows for a direct spray pattern, which can be easily used for controlled, bead applications. The ColorWise™ fan nozzle allows for large area coverage with a wide, vertical spray pattern.
  • Responsive trigger for accurate metering, precise application, labor savings and reduced waste.
  • Innovative design by Handi-Gun® allows for reusable, anti-clogging performance.
  • Clear hoses attached to the Handi-Gun® provide easy viewing of the chemical flow.