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Work Smart™

Do you work smart? Do your employees and customers? Working smart is about choosing the best solution for the job and then executing the project safely. All polyurethane foam products contain diisocyanates. These chemicals may cause sensitization by inhalation and skin contact. For this reason, when using any low-pressure polyurethane foam, we recommend following a safety program, including wearing proper personal protective (PPE) equipment. Read the information below to learn how to Work Smart™.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

It is the individual employer’s responsibility to create and utilize a certified respiratory program. To learn how to create this program, visit

Required respirators should be NIOSH approved, fit tested and training must be provided before use. Polyset® recommends utilizing one of the following low-pressure two-component foams:

  • NIOSH-approved, negative-pressure half mask respirator with organic vapor cartridges and particulate prefilters
  • NIOSH-approved PAPR (powered air purifying respirator) with an organic vapor cartridge

Know the Product

Please read the Safety Data Sheet (SDS), Technical Data Sheet (TDS), Operating Instructions and Product Stewardship Guidelines prior to using our products. SDS, TDS and Operating Instructions for our products can be accessed through our Product & Tech Data Finder.

Safe Handling, Use and Ventilation Guidelines

All of our products are for professional use only. For further information, see the product specific SDS, TDS, and Operating Instructions. See the Product Stewardship Guidelines for detailed instructions about Safe Handling, Use, and for the Ventilation Plan Guidelines.

Storage and Disposal

Storage and disposal procedures vary by product formulation. See the product specific SDS (Section 13), TDS, Operating Instructions and Product Stewardship Guidelines for detailed instructions on storage and disposal. Product should be disposed of in accordance with applicable federal, state and local regulations. Check with your local waste service for guidance.

  • For aerosol cans: Please see the product label and SDS for detailed instructions.
  • For disposable kits: Please see the product specific operating instructions, SDS and the Product Stewardship Guidelines for detailed instructions.
  • For refillable systems: Please do not dispose of refillable tanks. Please contact Customer Care for detailed return instructions.

SDS, TDS, and Operating Instructions for our products can be accessed through our Product & Tech Data Finder.