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Polyset®, a brand of Innovative Chemical Products (the ICP Group), manufactures low-pressure one- and two-component polyurethane foam sealants and adhesives in pressurized, disposable, and refillable packaging that professional roofers, architects, and consultants rely on.

In January 2016, the ICP Group acquired the technology for and launched the Polyset® line as their inaugural brand. Polyset® products lead the roofing adhesives industry with pressurized foam adhesives specially designed for adhering and securing roofing tile and insulation across a wide range of substrates in both new and reroof applications.

Polyset® products use innovative polyurethane foam technology, offering advanced foams and adhesives to provide a better-finished project with reduced maintenance. Leading products include CR-20, RTA-1, AH-160 and Board-Max™, one- and two-component polyurethane roof tile adhesives for the professional roofer. Compatible professional dispensing units make application easy and efficient.

Most recently, the Polyset® brand was integrated into ICP’s Building Solutions Group, which offers high performance professional products and services for building and construction applications.

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